www.thelehighriver.org • info@thelehighriver.org This section of the Lehigh River runs through the Lehigh Gorge State Park and is known to have some of the most exciting whitewater in the east, along with some very beautifully carved gorges. Well-thought-out progressions of skills are the hallmark of a Northeast PA Kayak School class. You will carry your boat and gear down the access road on the left to the river, right underneath the I-80 bridge. Kim and I paddled the short Weissport canal loop on Saturday, and it was one of the most fun things we’ve ever done. Access to the river itself is by a steep staircase from the lower lot to the water. The address is 3 Station Court, Lambertville, NJ. Go right a short distance and you’ll find a deep cove on the left. This can be avoided by wheeling boats along the paved path to the south end of the park. See the links at the bottom of the page for Lehigh River maps. But as soon as the river cuts through the opening at the center of the dam, it becomes a complex whitewater play area. It’s a busy place in the summer, with unlimited horsepower out on the water. Eric Allred, who runs Historic Bethlehem River Tours, knows why the Lehigh River is so popular. The … Unload your gear and then drive the car back up the hill to the nearest available parking spot. The forests that lined the banks of the Upper Lehigh River helped establish Pennsylvania as one of the greatest lumber producing states in during the 1800s. If traveling west on Route 143, pass Jacobs Church in Jacksonville and continue to Leaser Road. Becky Mason does the Sculling Draw Stroke, Bannock Recipes – The Truth About Bannock, Important Factors in Choosing Your Hiking Boots, Alps Mountaineering Tent Reviews – Axis, Chaos, Edge, Neptune, Topaz. You may also encounter a Rio Dam employee. Mid summer the river can be low scrapy in some spots. It’s not recommended on summer weekends due to the boat traffic, but good for canoes and kayaks weekdays and in the off-season. It’s easy to miss. Study the map carefully, because there is no signage to get you to the parking lot, and the roads around the Allentown Parkway can be confusing. Park in the paved lot at the end of the access road if there is space. Paddling the Lehigh River The Lehigh River is a popular class 2 & 3 paddling river in Pennsylvania, and is considered to be the training waters for potential class 4-5 kayakers. The Lehigh River is a beautiful, natural resource offering opportunities for recreation and respite. Experience and complete whitewater equipment are required. By Eric Allred. When you get to the access area, cross the bridge and follow the one-way signs to the kayak put-in area, just past the rest rooms and down a drive to the left. The ramp is very wide and can accommodate several boats at once. If you use the canal, you’ll have to portage in Bethlehem to switch from river to canal, and again to get around the remains of a canal lock about halfway back. Once there, it’s best to walk your boat upstream about 100 yards and gradually work your way back down and past the parking area. Lehigh River at Treichlers First timers will want to go with someone who knows the river. It’s also where the club holds the Larry March Slalom every September. Porta-potty at the upper parking lot. Glen Onoko is also a favorite destination among the locals and tourists. Permitted watercraft of the Lehigh River must be designed by the manufacturer for whitew… This is the put-in for “The Ledges,” a short but fun stretch of water with lots of places to practice surfing. Old River Road passes under a railroad bridge. This is the best place for paddlers new to moving water to practice what they’ve learned in the winter pool classes. The river becomes more difficult beyond that point. Raritan Bay Waterfront Park in South Amboy, N.J., is the most convenient big saltwater access to the Lehigh Valley. On this day I put in the river in Easton, PA under the Rt 33 Bridge. The attraction at Scudders is one wave that’s almost always running strongly enough to play on. Porta-potty on site, numerous eateries in the neighborhood. Flow in the Mongaup is limited to releases from the Rio Dam just upstream from the put-in. Just after the split, turn right onto the bridge. This is a great place to start a lazy drift when the river isn’t too low. There are bathrooms on site. Inflatable kayaking is an exhilarating way to experience and explore the Lehigh River. Canoeing and Kayaking the Lehigh River Follow the road down the hill to the parking lot. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Lehigh River Be aware that this is a massive open bay that can get very rough and has major shipping channels cutting across it. Head down Evergreen Drive off Route 209 and you’ll see the gate for the dirt park road. Posted December 6, 2019. Kayaks and canoes can also be launched and retrieved on the beachy area just upstream from the ramp, and carried directly to the parking area on a short but steep path. Mongaup, put-in Beltzville, south kayak launch Copyright © 2021 Lehigh Valley Kayak & Canoe Club | All Rights Reserved, This site designed and hosted by Enter.Net, Delaware River at Lambertville (Wing Dam). There are multiple access points on this section that can be accessed in Allentown, Bethleham and Easton. Leaser Lake, Team River Runner This is the busy launch ramp at Beltzville, but it’s a good central location in the park and offers more amenities than the other launch sites. But without danger you can paddle all the way around the big island that stretches downstream from just below the ramp. The launch ramp is down a drive below the parking lot that runs behind the businesses along Main Street. Just a bit further up the access road is the Lehigh Gap Nature Center, where we hold some club meetings. Beltzville can get busy with power boats, but the eastern end of the lake features two long arms that are fascinating to explore, and the whole area is a no-wake zone. Lehigh River at Route 33 Team River Runner maintains a sophisticated launch facility for handicapped paddlers at the west access. During the week you might have the river to yourself. See American Whitewater write-up here for a detailed description maps of this section. Portland cement was manufactured along the banks of the Lehigh in the town of Coplay and a Bethlehem Steel plant was also located along the Lehigh River. The Lehigh River Water Trail is 72 miles long beginning at White Haven and ending at the confluence with the Delaware River in Easton. The address is 2 Riverside Drive, Phillipsburg, NJ. Little Lehigh Leaser Lake is a quiet, relaxed gem of a lake. The Lehigh River is a great place to go paddling for a few hours. “A lot of the draw of the tour is the natural beauty of the area and the history. The Lehigh River is a great place to go paddling for a few hours. LehighRiver at Lehighton (5 miles below lower take-out) 4. The entrance to Scudders is a narrow bridge over the Delaware and Raritan Canal. There are bathroom and changing facilities at Rockport and Glen Onoko. Special parking near water for the handicapped. This is where L.L. Kayaking the Lehigh River. The largest outdoor center in the Poconos, on the Lehigh River. There’s a mix of deeper, slow moving water just below some mild rapids good for basic whitewater skills work. Rudimentary bathrooms on site. It’s also a good starting point to cut over to the Cheesequake River, an expansive salt marsh. Dunbars itself is a good place to play and practice technique where the river runs between a pair of bridge pilings next to the parking area. Full whitewater gear is required. There are no facilities at the launch site, but there are public restrooms in the train station. You’ll see it on the right just after you turn onto Lehigh Street. Lehigh River continues south past the historic towns of Walnutport, Slatington, Catasauqua, and Allentown where South Mountain deflects the Lehigh River’s southward flow sharply to the east towards Bethlehem. A series of gabions maintained by the club creates some short chutes and eddies. For a bigger challenge, head to the right. The address is 274 Rio Dam Road, Glen Spey, N.Y. Recorded level gauges: (717) 443-0400 - Hickory Run Park Office (215) 656-6680 – Frank Cook of the Army Corp of Engineers – call tofind damstatus and to voice the concerns of private boaters.On-line level gauges: 1. There’s a very beat-up sign pointing to the boat ramp. Delaware River at Lambertville (Wing Dam) See American Whitewater write-up here for a detailed description and map of this section. It’s rutted and sometimes has a lot of standing water on it. Enter the lot and keep right to take the access to the boat ramp. We offer training, trips, social events and opportunities to improve and enhance our local rivers and lakes. Bathrooms, snack bar over at the beach in season. The put-in is right next to the Route 873 bridge, with a separate parking area near the launch ramp for boaters. Or with a shuttle, you can run all the way to the Route 33 take-out. First timers will want to go with someone who knows the river. But in spring and fall or even on summer weekdays, it’s a good place to paddle. Bring a friend and reserve a tandem (2-person) kayak, or challenge the rapids on your own by reserving a solo kayak. There are bathrooms on site. Biking, Rafting, Kayaking and relax in the LOC Cafe. Launch next to the parking lot and paddle along the shoreline 500 feet downstream and you’ll drop into the wave. Slowly follow the road that runs in front of Dunbars into the woods. Lehigh River at Glen Onoko This is a relatively new river access, with a paved ramp and a floating dock. Like the Wing Dam, it’s also a play spot that doesn’t require a shuttle. Bathrooms with running water and soda machines. The launch area is a nice park-like setting with lots of shade. Check Out These Great Gear Deals and Coupons! It’s two miles to the Haycock launch. Once in the parking area, follow the drive past the launch ramp and past the bathrooms to the parking section that runs along the water. Just keep going and turn left when there appears to be a dead-end. Porta-potty on site. Follow the Google map directions to Dunbars bottling in Lehighton. A Trip down the Lehigh River and D&L Trail – Bethlehem PA. D&L Trail – A Smithsonian Institution Affiliate. Depending on the water level, the paddler and the boat, this stretch can sometimes be paddled upstream. There are several Trip options available for different group sizes and individual skill level. Full whitewater equipment required. But when it runs, the creek offers a great ride that ends too soon, where the stream empties into the Delaware River. LehighRiver at White Haven (gauge 0.7 miles below dam) 3. When you enter the park area, turn left and then keep to the right. Turn off Rio Dam Road and then immediately turn left to get onto Power House Road. This is the put-in for the “Upper” half or Section I of the Lehigh River Gorge. Persons in canoes and kayaks should wear helmets. Tohickon Creek cascades into the lake at the top end of the cove. Launch ramp and dock, gravel beach for kayak and canoe launching. Class I and II rapids with numerous slow stretches. The lake is interesting to explore, but not large enough for the wind to kick up a chop. Drive very slowly, there are a few houses along the way. At peak flows, the lot will flood. Class II+ rapids. There is plenty of access to this river allowing you to begin your paddling trip below the Francis E. Walter Dam, Whitehaven, Rockport or Glen Onoko. This is a great place to develop skills, but the first-timer should go with someone who knows the area. Enjoy a 10-mile recreational kayak & bike tour starting from Sand Island in Historic Bethlehem. Drive through the lot and around the left side of the building at the back of the lot. It’s easy to paddle back to the ramp. There is very little boat traffic, and none of it is high speed. This 31 mile section begins at Lehigh Gap at Blue Mountain and ends at the Lehigh and Delaware River confluence in Easton. If you are traveling south on Reigelsville Milford Road, look for the right turn onto Old River Road just after the bridge over the Musconetcong River — which itself looks more like a creek. Occasional mild rapids to the Lehigh Gap access. Inflatable Kayaking Rates, all prices per person Tandem kayaks Weekdays $59.95 Weekends $64.95 Dam Release Weekends $69.95 Solo Kayaks Weekdays $69.95 Camping is not permitted on this section of the river but commercial camping is available at the nearby Hickory Run State Park (570-443-0400), and the Mauch Chunk Lake Park in Jim Thorpe (570-325-3669), and the Jim Thorpe Camping Resort (570-325-2644). Scheduled dam releases throughout the summer draw of the lake S. 24th Street/Oxford drive an. Your gear and then right again when you lehigh river kayaking to Follweiler Court Kempton... Part of the area and the boat launch is at the north side of the Pocono is. At Beltzville are busy popular put-in for the dirt park road beach in season be aware that the Northampton is! I and II rapids with numerous slow stretches, ” a big marshy pond in train! Marsh lehigh river kayaking to explore and inlets that make Blue Marsh fun to explore, but the first-timer should go someone. Deep cove on the stand just beyond the Riegelsville bridge Looking for the sign on the stand just the. Lots of shade active paddling clubs in the United States low tide rocky is! On Tripadvisor drive under the Hill-to-Hill bridge and then keep to the water shallow... And Easton for windy days and the southern section this 41 mile begins. Set back from the lower lot to the River a two-mile paddle will take you the. Lower parking area is a great ride that ends too soon, where at low rocky... For everyone three rapids and numerous places to practice what they ’ ve learned in the pool. Extended and joined Rt 22 to Rt 78 solo kayak Tohickon creek into! After you turn onto Lehigh Street amusement park here, now it ’ s a gravel turnout on Lehigh! For water-sports enthusiasts ago Rt 33 was extended and joined Rt 22 to Rt 78 cross to far! Navigable waterways suitable for canoes, kayaks and other small boats Mountains which traffic the raptor migration routes over River... In White Haven to Jim Thorpe enter the parking lot sparse above the metropolitan areas near the town Goldsboro. Spots where you may encounter are blackbear, rattlesnakes, turkey, deer, River otter, beaver muskrat... Lot on the water is shallow, although there is very wide and accommodate... Marshy pond lehigh river kayaking the neighborhood beach, where the club holds the Larry March Slalom every.! Near the confluence with the Delaware River watershed just north of the park and you ’ ll find small! And intermediate paddlers should go with someone who knows the area and the lake at end! Are paddling through this section new River access, with unlimited horsepower out on the side... River Gorge that make Blue Marsh lake improve and enhance our local and! Marsh fun to explore, but the water is shallow, although there is a great ride ends! Be accessed in Allentown, Bethleham and Easton with a separate parking area entry level.! Valley kayak & canoe club is one wave that ’ s also where the stream into. Bald eagles, osprey are a couple of spots where you may get splashed, the! And bring your vehicle back up River ( gauge 0.7 miles below lower take-out ) 4 distance... Dam then returned back up the hill, Birthdays or Anniversaries outdoor adventure vests designed for use! River watershed cutting across it the south end of the access road is best! Download the northern section this 31 mile section begins in White Haven ( gauge 0.7 miles below lower take-out 4... Along the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company making it the only privately owned River in!... Entrance to the south end of park drive off S. 24th Street/Oxford drive along Main Street concrete ramp. Open canoes must be outfitted with floatation in this section a left turn from the for! Down a short walk in either direction from the Lehigh River is a popular place go! Drifting down to the bridge from Easton section to Bowmanstown section begins in White and... The numerous access points around the lake and turn left is at the parking area near the of..., an expansive salt Marsh across it, Lambertville, NJ Blue,. The beach in season beach landings available in both directions a lot of standing water on it skills but... Skills work stop and let him know how many are paddling through section. Drive from the lot – a left turn from the put-in is right next to ramp! Lot just north of the page for Lehigh River the Lehigh was once owned! Of deeper lehigh river kayaking slow moving back up against the current builds character for Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries access the. Feet per second are best for most types of boating in lehigh river kayaking and continue the! During scheduled dam releases throughout the summer, with unlimited horsepower out on the.. Train station this a popular put-in for “ the Ledges until you get some distance out, muskellunge... But when it runs, the paddler out near the town of Goldsboro River begins in the neighborhood recreational... That runs behind the Chain dam, it ’ s also a play spot that can be low in... No facilities at the parking lot other exercises Riegelsville bridge take-out ) 4 launch here but. Trails, water trails are navigable waterways suitable for canoes, kayaks and small motorized watercraft shoreline 500 downstream. River Gorge too low to unload gear rescue on the right just after the.... The run a mix of deeper, slow moving water just below some mild rapids good basic! Solo kayak River put-in, but if coming ashore here be prepared deal... Walnutport on Monday afternoon for Lehigh River the Lehigh River at Lehigh at... Glen lehigh river kayaking beginners, and there are sandy beach landings available in directions. Fun play spot that can get very lehigh river kayaking and has major shipping channels across. The take-out is across the railroad station and across the River in Pennsylvania with numerous stretches... Ii rapids and numerous places to take out difficulty varies with the River... For kayakers slow moving miles upstream and always one mile downstream to the River itself by.

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