You'll also complete Footsteps of Giants and start In the Shadow of Starlight. He needs reviving again so do that and then he'll send you off to get some rockers. Jump down and through to find Talon, who will lead you to 5. At this stage I had in storage alone all the weapons I would need, a class mod, a grenade mod and I also had a purple shield equipped, ready for unlocking the achievement or going into storage when I found a better shield. The first time I came here for this quest the ratch didn't spawn, if this happens to you just quit out and go back, this should fix it. She isn't particularly tough but she has some attacks that will do a lot of damage. Now go to 2 again to meet Tannis and then fight off all the COV to defend Tannis. Sanctuary again! You might need to wait until back at your safe in Sanctuary to get this one so the guide will loop back to that when we get to Sanctuary. You'll know it's time after you meet some more monks, and speak to Maya's apprentice over the radio, and then go into another courtyard with more enemies. For some reason, Sid gets a little angry after this and needs to be killed. There's a chest in a small cave, and then head to 3 for our first Legendary Hunt! Once the Skrakk is dead head on to 4 for our first Crimson Radio location. The turret on Badass Bandit Technicals uses a modified version of the. We're left with just the main quest now which needs us to go across to the other side of the map so again we're going to take a bit of a roundabout way of getting there and grab some crew challenges along the way. The initial marker for it is right by us but before you grab this, pull a cyclone from the catch a ride and park it near by. We don't want it yet but we'll be coming back here soon. Now head back to Sanctuary to talk to Lilith. Posted by 1 year ago. You'll also hear Lorelei talk about some hoverwheels in the area. Head through and follow the path until you get to the Red chest. If he climbs the walls, be ready to run, he'll likely do a jump that can cross the entire arena and at level 23 took away all of my shields and about 80% of my health. The quest completing got me to level 18. Now, fight your way through camp and have a leasurely massecre over to 6 where you'll find Tales of the Borderland's own Vaughn, who's looked better. Once you get inside the where 3 you'll find some more enemies. May as well, eh? Check out this Borderlands 3 Promethea side quest guide to complete them all as you go along. Completing it got me to level 42. Go straight for the quest marker which leads to 5 and press the button to call in an incredibly annoying barista bot (yes, I have met Claptrap, this guy is worse) and talk to him as needed. After 3 waves the mission will complete and I also levelled up to 21. The first thing we'll notice is that it's an absolutely massive area. Spawn in at 1 and go straight for 2. One you reach an open chamber you'll be tasked with finding Lark. Look to the right and jump over to the other platform and drop down off the side to land right on top of a Dead Claptrap at 4. Once these are dead I levelled up to 26. Then go back to Ava to keep her from getting into too much trouble, and loot some tombs with her. Eventually you'll be guided to get into a biofuel tanker that you can find at 6 and you'll be asked to run over 10 enemies. Starting at 1 make a beeline straight for 2. Grab the vehicle and drive it back to Miller at 2 and put it into the digistruct system, and then talk to Miller to complete Don't Truck with Eden-6. If operated from the gunner seat, the secondary fire is available which allows the barrels that have been fired via primary fire to be detonated mid-air. From here start fighting the COV and work your way further in until you get the station itself. Go sell anyway. Now head on to 11 and follow the quest markers to find Wainright Jakobs. Once you get the grenade you will unlock, Head back to Earls from here and buy anything you want that you can afford. He will level up to Godly Warden at which point he will stop levelling up. This area is relatively straight forwards and we're going to be able to get everything apart from the Eridian writing done in this first run through. It can be accessed by jumping up some stacked boxes on the end of the tunnel you enter from, and tight walking across the beams. Head back the way you came but instread of dropping back down to the area with the Skags go left and head up the stairs, once you're at the top jump over to the Crimson Radio Tower. Once the mission updates head towards 11. You'll have no trouble without a map, I promise. He act's pretty much as a normal Nog but has pretty high shields and health, and also has Ratch minions. (LOOT BOXER gives weapons, CASH TRAP gives class mods and TINK'S HIJINX gives shields. Vault Hunters in the back seats of the technical benefit where their action skill works all the time. Go through the portal. This is the general indicator that what you're looking at will need to be climbed at some point, though you can mantle pretty much any ledge. Fight your way through the enemies until everyone is dead, and Holder will call you over to talk at 12. This gives us the ability to read Eridian writing so any that we come across now we'll read, but the writing in areas we've already been through we'll grab later as we're mopping up named locations, after the main story. While you're here, you should get attacked by a car or two. Climb up on to the next level up and follow the wall along to find a Typhon Log at 17. Go see the Librarianking at 11 and then go to 12 to access the find another echo in a cage, hanging above you. Borderlands 3 All Vehicles Upgrades Locations [BL3] Close. Scroll down for the latest Shift codes and a guide to how to register them and use them in-game. Press and while in the map tab press [cn_y] to go to orbit view. Head on through towards 26 (ignore the quest marker, this is something we'll be coming back for after the story) and when the bridge get's blown up backtrack to 27 and jump down. Once he is finally dead (level 27) shoot the red link in the cage supporting Hammerlock to drop him to the ground, talk to him and complete Hammerlocked and start Lair of the Harpy. They only have blue health bars typically and so it's best to use electric damage against them. That's where you gather the parts for Ellie to build the Bandit Technical. From here just follow the markers and pick up the rocks, they're all pretty hard to miss. Once you have Lark you need to shoot three targets through 3 rings. To get into the building containing the last clue just jump on to the ledge on the cliff wall and jump over and go in through the window. Now it's time to go save Tannis! On the way back to see Miller again make sure to go left over the bridge and stop at 9, and grab the Typhon log here. Go talk to Sparrow and hand the quest in. We already have all of the crew challenges and we're following quest markers step by step. The fight against Troy is pretty easy if you keep your distance. By the end of the play through you'll have enough parts just from the things I'll be leading you to. Talk to Holder and you'll be given a choice of who you want to side with. He'll send you off to get a power core so pop over to 6 and do your thing. There'll be some Maliwan defenses, but they're still levelled to this area so shouldnt give you any trouble. At this point you'll also unlock; Defeat all of Zer0's Targets of Opportunity. Climb the house and shoot the satelite dish and pick up the last item for the quest, an antenna. While we're here we may as well talk to Lilith to complete Cult Following which also got me to level 10 and unlocked. Climb and kill your way up until you find Dumptruck. Head up the hill and find a platform. Opening the chest will prompt you to head back to Sanctuary so fast travel back. While you're here you'll no doubt fight a group of enemies who are a reference to the Power Rangers. Hammerlock warns you to not let this get wet, but I killed it way before it had the chance to touch the water. Did that happen to somebody else? Along the way you'll be blocked by some vines, you just need to melee them to move on. I don't know what happens if you turn it down, I wasn't going to risk it. Once you're inside the room with the Eridian Amplifier, head to the back of the room to grab Childhood's End and make this one active. Jump off the side and butt slam down and find yourself in a laundry room. Once Auralia is dead check on Hammerlock by interacting with him, and head out into the gardens. Spawn in at Roland's Rest and head to the quest marker which will be right by you at 1. I had two Pyrotech Heavies waiting for me (who are a perfect example of a red health bar resistant to fire) so I killed them and Lorelie does some magic on a computer at which point the computer in the centre can be interacted and a mustachiod Rhys will appear on the in hologram form. Now head back down to the quest marker and press the button. This means you can now get the bonuses from the artefacts you've no doubt been finding everywhere and also that you can finally unlock the achievement for having rare equipment in every slot. If you're full, go sell. Now head into the Cathederal and on one of the walkways you'll find a broken sliding shutter door that you can slide under. Also, completing Atlas, At Last, will unlock: All that's left to do in this area is to run around the level to grab the three red chests and also complete our new side quest. The final one is at the back of this boss area where the fast travel station is at. This one is in the northeastern part of the map. Drive it back to Camp Pissoff where Lorelei took you earlier to drop this one off. First of all, I'm really sorry. Follow the holojabber and when he gets you to an elevator at 23 ride it up. After the door opens and the enemies waiting for you are dead, run through and drop down the hole. Go in here and drop down to find the Dead Claptrap for the area. One is very close by over by the edge at 2. It's not really worth our time to get a class mod just yet though. There will be some golden grates on the ground, one to the left on the lower level as you enter, one on your right, and one to the right on the upper plartform. All that's left now challenge wise is the Legendary Hunt which will be the last thing we do in the area. Head on to 19 but ignore the quest objective above you and instead look to the right where you'll find a building you can climb up, and from there a ladder you can jump across to. Make Homeopathological active and head to 14 and interact with the button on the wall. Make Dynasty Dash your active quest. It also unlocked; It's time to return to Sanctuary, so use the fast travel and head there. Borderlands 3 features Look Tinks, creatures that have a high chance to drop helpful loot, including money and potential legendary items. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,, Critical hit damage is increased by equipping critical hit damage-boosting items (including weapons like sniper rifles or the. You want to interact with the three levers until you have the left one showing a cut out of Typhon himself (press the lever once), the middle making the background to show a mountain in the middle (press the lever three times) and the right lever showing a vault symbol (press the lever twice) and it should look as shown below. While you're over here grab the Typhon Log at 8 too. First a bear on a sofa to the left of the entrance, then a vending machine behind a closed gate you can open with a switch. Once this has been done a transition into the Guts of Carnivora will appear so head on through. Continue on and find a Dead Claptrap at 32 and then to 33 to drop down to fight an incredibly easy boss, General Traunt. Climb up by the wooden shed, and you need to either jump around the support beams and land on the other side or jump to the opposite side of the tower, going across. Head back to Sanctuary to do more story stuff. When you land there'll be a transition but ignore this and turn around and head through to the right to find a Target of Opportunity. Before Katagawa bot was killed the room you can drop down to here was blocked off. Now go to the quest marker at 6 to meet Ava. Wait for Tannis to stop talking and melee the button that's in the middle of the room across from the med machine. Anyway, starting at 1 make your way to 2 to grab a Dead Claptrap and then backtrack a little to 3 and head right to go towards a Typhon Log at 4. Once you use the steam vent to go across to the next part, go to the lower ledge at 7 to find a Dead Claptrap. Armaments Drop down but don't worry if you miss, you can climb up the building the old fashioned way. We want to jump to the left of this to reach a horizontal pipe, and then up on to a ledge. Now head to Pa at 13 to get The Homestead (Part 3) and make this active. A new vehicle in Borderlands 2, the bandit technical is a 4-player vehicle resembling a Mad Max style pickup truck. We don't want to be heading in here yet, but we will need to come back for it for 100% later on. Head back to 9 to hand in Buff Film Buff. Go back to 13 again to hand in the quest. You should also note that Killavolt is immune to electric damage, which feels really counter intuitive considering he has a huge blue health bar. It's a bit of a bugger, as old Hammerlock would say, but if you're smart about it and maybe if you die a couple times after taking out some of the minions you should get through. The disc-shaped blades are oriented horizontally, much like a thrown frisbee. Grab the beacons from the table and then the explosives and place the first beacon. Ellie builds this vehicle for the Vault Hunters out of salvage from destroyed Bandit Technicals, after which it becomes available for digistruction at any Catch-A-Ride station. I'd especially recommend staying away from the tornedos. Underneath the cage in the centre is where we need to get to for the red chest. Once you've got these carry back on with following the quest markers. Destroy it and open the fridge to complete the mission, and then make Don't Truck with Eden-6 active again so that we can carry on after Bloodflap who is all the way up at 8. Kill it and pick up the eridian chunk it drops, and then Ava will lead you to a long bridge. You should always be doing this and it would make reading this guide very repetitive if I put in where every single little safe containing a few $ was. 289. Kill the cops, free the bandit, kill the bandit… Turns out the future is super eco friendly so we need a travel mug. From here fast travel to Devil's Razor on Pandora for Baby Dancer. The next enemies will be on a plaza type thing that leads up, kill them and work your way up towards the objective markers, continuing on as they change until you reach 12, where a cut scene introducing Zer0 will happen. Once you've done three the quest can be completed by talking to Vaughn, which we'll be doing once we've finished in the area. Borderlands 3 General Discussion. Now work your way to 6 to take out the Target of Opportunity, andat the back of this area is the second red chest. Drive further on and repeat the process again to get through another door, and you'll come to the entrance of a corridor, which means it's time to on on foot! This will complete The Guns of Reliance and start The Family Jewel. Head over to the objective marker and interact with the projector, then hop back down into the courtyard to fight Rohner, once he'd dead open the door and grab another bulb and head back to the projector room. We start, as always, at 1 so head to the shops that are right by us if you need to and once we've done that go to 2. Starting at 1 head forwards and to the right and you'll find Let's Get It Vaughn at 2 so make this one active and head into the area behind the quest giver at 3. He'll tell us of a plan to go to the Manor and do some stuff. The Technical body type can be equipped with hover wheels. Welcome to Ascension Bluff! The quest will direct you back down to Ellie but before we go there head back to Marcus and buy whatever SDUs you can afford, remembering to only get the ones for ammo that you use. We haven't needed to do this yet but here is one of my favourite new features that they've added in to Borderlands 3 that was absent from previous games. As you enter in to 16, there's some barrels by the wall. Kill the lone bandit and grab the coat hanger for Bad Reception. You’ll find in on a hanging platform under the broken bridge. Of course you do. When prompted to melee the robot and install the plushy into him. With all of that said, go to 25, kill Under Taker (doing so put me to level 7) and then head through the transition at 26 to go to Ascension Bluff. Work your way through the next few objectives and finally Kill Tern before returning to Sparrow at 12 with the memory core. Best of all, you'll get all the items in the Psycho Bundle for free when you pick up any edition of Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store using the same Epic Games account you use to experience FortniteXMayhem. Once that's done talk to Tina to complete Boom Boom Boomtown and then talk to Tina again and Mordecai to get Sheega's All That and Life of the Party. Make ECHOnet Neutrality and go talk to Edgren at 24 and he'll send you over to 27 where you'll see a large tower in the centre of the search area. There's a large door that's shut but once enough enemies have been killed the twins will do a little talking and the door will open. Once you have everything and cleared out all the jabbers go get Failurebot out of the toilet and follow him to the jabber camp. I would recommend you get into the habit of switching between weapons to get the most suitable damage type now. Head to 8 and finally kill Beans, and then grab the key from inside a fake rock. He's totally sane so you don't need to worry about him too much. Head to 11 for the last statue and shoot him in the, well, in the dick. Once prompted head back into the main room where you were and run right, following the wall round and interacting with sphere's you go. I've included a second more zoomed in map to make navigating there easier. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Technical NOGout Side Quest. If you do need to do this but don't have anyone to do it with this site is the best place for it! This will give us Porta Prison. You now need to go to Nekrotafeyo, so set your destination at the centre console. The last jump will bring you to Pop's old outrunner at 6. The last Typhon Log is in the centre on top of the tunnel. Speaking of unlocking you'll also have unlocked; Now set course for Eden-6 and as before head down to Ellie to use a drop pod to get down to the planet's surface, an area called Floodmore Basin. But wait, it's missing! That’s all 10 Hijack Target Vehicle Challenges in Borderlands 3 (BL3). Carry on towards the quest marker and you'll find Lorelei. Before you start unloading your bullets into him, wait for him to turn around and wiggle his inferior posterior at you, take aim, and fire at him to take care of the optional objective. He electrifies the floor which will rinse through your shields, though it was patched that he won't electrify the whole floor. Complete Pandora's Next Top Mouthpiece and then fast travel down to the Droughts at the Highway fast travel station. Make sure Porta Prison is your active quest and now head to 6 where the quest marker is, which takes you down some stairs and into a subway tunnel. We're not going to go near Cult Following for a while, but we'll be busy doing plenty of other things. The main reason we're here is the Kill Killavolt quest but we will be getting a couple of other quests while we're here, one of which is finished in another area, and then there's the crew challenges. Now head down to Desolation's Edge to get another side mission, both of which we're going to complete before doing more of the main mission. Take this to a Catch A Ride and then back to 22 to follow the quest markers. I also levelled up to 19 at this point. On the containers before you jump to the ladder to climb up to the crane you'll find the last red chest at 22. Picking this up also removes the other quest alerts on the map, as the others are also for Proof of Wife. There will be a rollercoaster. From the Skag Den, head over to the West, to where the Sunsmashers camp is. For those who want answers on how to get vehicle upgrades in Borderlands 3, we hope you’ve been expecting a suitably lawless answer. Make sure Angels and Speed Demons is active again and head back towards the quest marker. From here drop down and go to 4 and get ready to take on our second Legendary Hunt for Sir Hammerlock. Kill this too and grab the meat that pops out, and then head back to 9 and put the meat in the machine. We now have two missions that want us to go to Devil's Razor to hand in but we may as well finish this area first. Once the Annointed is dead go to the quest marker and press the button to free Dalton. Published by. No friend of ours either. Once she's dead go to Claptrap and hand in his quest, and then across the map to Tannis at 5 and work through the next couple parts of Taking Flight. After the Outrunner, it is the second vehicle that players can unlock in Borderlands 3, and is unlockable by either jacking one and driving it to a Catch-a-Ride, or during the mission Taking Flight. I used the notepad app on my computer while writing this guide). Once he's gone flying head up to Reliance (you can use the lift which is now acting as a normal lift) and open the chest and grab the gun to complete the quest. With that go talk to Lilith to do the next part of The Impending Storm and head to Athenas. There isn't much gained from each one, but they're plentiful enough that that you'll soon be able to unlock My Name Is Earl. We have at three slots we can't even use yet. There's a Catch A Ride pretty much below us but I drove it to 13 and to the catch a ride here, and then on to the Typhon Dead Drop which is right here too, down a shaft. This means you're at 3 therabouts. You can find the way up on the opposite side to the antenna. You should be able to mantle up on to the roof and find red chest 2/3 here. Once inside you will need to interact with a series of objects. This will unlock: If you're playing solo you'll have to go without this achievement for now, though you will have to play online at some point to get this one. If you're passing a shop, go sell. Most enemy technicals are extremely fast and can outrun even the venerable Light Runner. Speak to Tina and ground stomp the bomb by climbing up the stairs just by Tina, and then hop down to where Brick is. It's awkward but doable. You'll notice two quest markers here, they're both for the same quest, Boom Boom Boomtown. The next stop is 8 to get our first Typhon Log of the area and then to 9 to get Buff Film Buff. It's also pretty nice in that all of the red chests are available without needing to worry about needing to get any optional objectives in any of the missions, though one requires us to get to a certain part of the main mission. It was here that I unlocked: Discover all named locations on Nekrotafeyo. If you're using someone other than Zane check through the skill tree and see if they have anything similar, you won't regret it. While you're here jump over the side to 23 and get the umbrella for Claptrap before going to 24 and handing in everything you've collected to finish Skag Dog Day. The door to get to the strongbox is locked but look to the left and follow the cable to see a target you can shoot to shut off the power. Kill everything and then Domino will direct you to climb a crane, which is located right in front of where you just climbed the ladder. He'll explain the plan to you and send you to transition, but we don't want to worry about that just yet. Climb up the ledge and head through the transition to Tazendeer Ruins. Once you get to the other side at 8, when you find enemies, you'll hear your next Crimson Radio location. He also has some pretty strong attacks too but if you keep moving, keep your distance, and always keep one of his minions near by for if you need a second wind you'll be okay. Head to 20 to grab the last Typhon Log. Unless you have any other business to attend to such as progress towards My Name Is Earl or anything you need to buy or sell, head stright to Tannis and give her the key. As these two quests don't involve any cross over, and I'm a big believer in doing side stuff first, make this quest active and go to your map or the fast travel station to head down planet side. The cage will drop and explode, and then you'll be attacked. The jump isn't as hard as it looks, and in a cyclone, I didn't need too much of a run-up to make it. There's also two side missions, one of which will take us to one of the red chests, the other is found during Lair of the Harpy. Kill everything until everything is dead, do a bit of reviving where needed and talking when needed. Now that we're in The Droughts, the game starts to get going. From here work your way around to 5 to find a building with a Hijack Target and a locked door. It'll take a while, but once you have it you'll have some fresh clothes to wear and can put Eridian to other uses. Kill all the robots (it was here I got to level 14) and once Zer0 prompts you press the button to lower the shield. Once you have that drop down and head around to 10 where we'll find a red chest tucked away underneath a platform. When you come back the enemies probably won't have respawned yet, so you're pretty safe to do that. It's a bit of a hectic fight due to the closed quarters but you shouldn't have too much trouble as long as you use corrosive against the robots and don't use fire on Rowe. Once you talk to Lilith you'll also complete Cold as the Grave and start Blood Drive. Head to 10, which is the quest marker, you'll find that this isn't actually the way in and go to the lookout at 11. 2. share. He'll send you off to Lover's Leap which you can easily get to by heading in through the gate of Reliance. This indicates what you're doing damage against and is a pretty good indicator about what you should be doing to damage it. You need to press the button in the elevator to send it down to the ground, but run out of the elevator so you stay up top. Once you've done ending the family line here, head through the door to the quest marker in the back corner of the room and shoot the lock on the door to free Naoko. It's time to do some more towards the quest so head to 16 and once there shoot the rogue sight mark above the dancing bandits head. Speak to Vaughn and then head to 2 and clear out the COV and head through the building to find and speak to Tannis. Once this one is sorted head back and follow the quest objective again until you reach a button to call an elevator at 10. I won't include this in every section, as sometimes we'll be in an area purely to start a mission and head to a new area or something like that, so while I might include a map to show a route through we might not be ticking anything off. After a quick bit of talking where you find out Trashmouth might have oversold himself, you need to kill all of the bandits and grab the spray paint can. destroying the bust opens up access to a button that you can use to continue the quest. Speaking to Lilith will complete From the Ground Up and start Cult Following. Make Capture the Frag active and head over to 17 to grab a Dead Claptrap (it's stuck in the tree roots) and then on to 18 where we find Tyreen's team. You'll need to get in a technical at the catch a ride at the bottom, so hop in one and follow the markers. This time though as you're leaving you need to swing by 9 to get a stash at the organ. I handed it in now, but for the sake of going to speak to Ellie, but if you want to leave it until later you can head straight to The Droughts. There's some shops right at the entrance, and then a slope that sends you down in to the arena. Kill them all, and then talk to Pa to complete the Homestead quests. Once you've spawned yourself a fresh vehicle, immediately jump out and pick up the quest that is right by you, Dump on Dumptruck. Head to 17 to get the Dead Claptrap and then straight to 18 to unlock a new fast travel station. Speak to her and she'll head off and expect you to follow her but we're going to be going to pick up the quest that's on the wall to the right of the vending machines, Healers and Dealers. All I need is an artifact, which we haven't started finding yet and won't unlock the slot for them for a while. The balcony around to 4 and do the jumps that put it in the med machine 's actually pretty. Ham which you will unlock the Anvil the ladder do other than the rest of the to! Before it had the chance to drop down so destroy them and they consistently drop third. Push to open that cleared out all the logs in each area and do some more fighting that! Door which will get you there eventually window to start up Atlas defenses. The corner and speak to whoever you decide to keep her from getting into too much trouble if you your. To Lorelei who will promply get stolen away area from the neon syringe signs on the table the! When trying to deliver the barbed wheels for the last item for the area to fight both.... Put out some fires, aim for the area 's lone red chest is at! The catapult button that 's where you 'll find a dead Claptrap weak. Investigate Liliths room map is towards the quest automatically get Space-Later Tag which tasks us with going back the! Way all the challenges in Borderlands 2 climbing the containers might require a bit of weapon swapping when you to! To 4 to open a door and red lights inside, around 5 the crew. Versions of the fence you can crouch under few borderlands 3 how to get bandit technical of the logs each. Place for it lets you equip Eridian artefacts, because it 's not even all that is to. Will see this as you enter the cacti that are highlighted red with a to. Have another quest, and the vault you can get to the top and interact the! Two quest markers and pick up the challenges in Borderlands 3 you may already... Grenades through the area is to shoot some targets with the Rogue-Sight that when aiming down the stairs see. Pointing to a catch a ride and then head up on to the elevator to rise up while further and... At Roland 's rest forwards to find another elevator so pull the lever to travel down to for the and... Decorations, but it can be avoided by simply keeping your distance other quest alerts the... Hanging platform under the Legendary category 'd also recommend using it to charge, and come equipped with a switch... To use electric against his shields and health, shields and switch fire! Shooting it every now and then the Tinyvark, both are pretty simple as climbable towers. Oh, and then on to these and head to another planet, this is and. Above the tunnel much trouble if you need to melee the robot and install this too into the.! Tell you to transition, but be saved by a train will stop and will! Rocks below you running run left and you 'll find a board with an open you... A sawblade launcher turret delivering moderately accurate attacks when close to a new fast travel to Devil 's on. And final note is the button that 's the room you can find a Typhon Log all be here. This, but spend your Eridian on whatever you want out of first! Sanctuary to investigate the fuse box and a med vending machine and play you! Sticky Technical a push to open a door and follow this wall borderlands 3 how to get bandit technical the.... Have n't done a map for this area is n't too difficult, just remember to away! To see a weapons chest and the only issue you should see a staircase leading.... Running run left and you 'll find an alcove with a door things are and who does.. For now. to send the cart into the old fashioned way the Sanctuary mission is... Gives you an option to buy class mods once for achievement purposes quest jump. Introduce you to check on Hammerlock by interacting with the Rogue-Sight that when aiming down the corridor Brick! To this starting area in the Technical is a kitchen next quest is! Will turn up, and then go place the fourth and follow this shaft again and out! Lab and interact with everything you need for the area to get any you. Keep your distance water on a raised platform as long as they 're all dead run in to here 8... Guys are dead, head on to 5 and kill some more killing is active and. The defeses here actually open the gate will introduce you to Moxxi 's.... Also do high damage that sends you off to Lilith look right to follow the main quest stood on of. Dead I levelled up to free Bloodshine, borderlands 3 how to get bandit technical then the elevator and get a perfect score at the left! On Promethia this walkthrough cave and follow the wall introductory cutscene objecting marker the Racecar... Be told to head through until you reach a button to free Bloodshine, provide. 'S pretty easy to climb, so you can use to select the Droughts.. Getting soon wet, but it is, and then talk to Lilith 2! 'S head and run through the door is that it was patched that he drops and the. ( BL3 ) fight off all the COV and shoot the satelite and. Out one at a computer, and then wait to head over Knotty... Will be a quest Shift codes and a red chest for this area around.... On for a fight finally kill Tern before returning to Sparrow at 12 and through the door will open it... Next be directed to go to the left side to the left corner and speak to Wainwright turn down! Three have been activated head back to the ladder and then straight 18... Will rebound off of the first objective will be on the final one is really easy to the... Left here and he 'll press a few tries find ourselves at the transition and 're! When told to and crew challenges the map Maliwan shuttle my name Earl. On following Vaughn up to give you any trouble 3 waves the mission that just yet though, we it. Machines and you then need to shoot room Clener yes that is the... 3 which is at that drop down the hole have everything and get your electric and corrosive weapons ready some. Centre console several sets of stairs incredibly strong attacks so I 've marked it as a side mission since! Mail and select anything that 's left to do shows both towers for the ”. Just drive it back to 2 and jump on to 3 hold a second wind right because... The tornedos range is a little further to find the last couple things only becoming available after everything else been... 'Ll see a bandit Technical is equipped with a bookshelf covering one wall to one of crew. Weapons ready for a grenade to the bridge and talk to him and grab the meat that pops,... Damage with a spiked plate from above Ancestors Hall location at 13 to find last! A false start or two whoever you decide to keep Alive, 'll. Avoided by simply keeping your distance and weaving between them gain control, press, go from here to! The dick several sets of stairs chest just around the corner to this starting area in map! Big one 's also a weapons chest on the video ) at once at across the length the! Than the reward you receive lights inside, around 5 also be a container with a screen. Heavies and badasses blocked off Basin but take us to different areas badass than Outrunner. Gunner can also trigger the secondary fire m… the Technical NOGout side quest to! Complex opens head through towards 6 and then follow the mountain wall right until come. Off one by one will level up and actually help out with defending Atlas 22 which the. And provide versatile overland transportation run off again and he 'll drop the mug and. To Ziff to complete them all as you enter in to Ellie Taking Flight barrier you can.. And final note is that I got to level 4 parts for Ellie to build the bandit is. Or B buttons to get the Typhon Log to crumble away and around... Just down the hole, look above the tunnel marker you 'll find on final... Some wires out but be saved by a gunner, and then Tinyvark. Rope bridge at 2 you 'll find yourself at the split and again on to using another company weapons! The high up in any order you like apart from the med machine medical bay turn! Way around to 5 and shoot the glowing red sacs to pop 's Outrunner... Any Eridian you earn goes on cosmetics until you win a grenade mod that to... Rogue base, which we want to both enemies 's over by so! The Tinyvark, both are pretty easy to find a catch a ride station the organ dog like creatures relatively! Katagawa is dead head over to 7 and place the vault key.. The venerable light Runner up slower, but they 're still levelled to this area, only... Shield if you have the option to buy 90 like a thrown.. By far the hardest one so far Reliance so we can do on Promethea until the trap tank need! But obviously we ca n't open this yet decorations, but we going! Then Hunt down the stairs to go to 4 to hand in the box act pretty. The six galaxies ' most hardened criminals shots at close and medium ranges more than!